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G-DOC ® Data Access Policy

The data access policy will provide investigators access to G-DOC ® data in two tiers: an open-access tier containing public data, often derived from repositories such as GEO or other NCI databases, and a private tier, which will be self-managed by the individual investigators. Private data will not be disclosed by the G-DOC ® team, and will remain under the full control of the depositing investigator. Private data will be deleted at the depositor’s request. G-DOC ® only stores de-identified data, and will not accept PHI data at this time. Data is provided on an “as is” basis.

While the G-DOC ® team will make efforts to host high-quality "-omics" data as well as correlative clinical phenotype and outcome information (where available) from all members of the scientific community upon request, it is anticipated that G-DOC ® will not be able to support all such inquiries, and in cases may request charge-backs to support internal costs.