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What's New in G-DOC ®

G-DOC 3.0
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Data restructuring. All non-cancer datasets are now available under the topic: “OTHER”
  • Two infectious diseases studies added

G-DOC Plus 1.0
  • Workflows for precision medicine, translational research and population genetics
  • Data for non cancer diseases including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Dementia, Wound healing
  • Added whole genome data from the 1000 Genomes Project
  • An improved variant search tool for whole exome/genome data

Version 2.0 - 10.26.2012
  • Support for a new clinical search and workflow
  • Support for variation search in whole genome/whole exome data
  • Support for enrichment of gene lists with Reactome pathways
  • Added BRC_CG_XXXX_01 a breast cancer cell line study with whole genome sequencing data

Version 1.4 - 8.26.2011
  • Support for cell line data, including modified workflows (preclinical model support, phase 1)
  • Support for time course experiments
  • Data set tally now 28 public studies, 5 private studies
  • Updated FAQ
  • Seven additional sets of "findings"
  • G-DOC publication in press in Neoplasia
  • Thirteen additional protein-drug structures
  • More than 500 new active chemical compounds

Version 1.3 - 6.10.2011
  • Support for FireFox 4
  • Improved link out functionality
  • Refactored for improved modularity and performance

Version 1.2 - 4.8.2011
  • Public registration enabled as part of worldwide release of G-DOC portal
  • Helpdesk support for public registrants
  • Note that FireFox 4, which was released on 3.22.2011, is NOT a supported browser at this time

Version 1.1 - 2.25.2011
  • New analytic feature – Chromosomal Instability Index
  • A host of GI (gastrointestinal) cancer data sets:  colon, stomach, liver, pancreas
  • Drastically increased number of breast cancer data sets
  • More copy number, SNP array, and metabolomics data
  • Improved heatmap interface
  • Tutorial exercises for self-training purposes
  • MicroRNA data now available
  • Much more extensive collection of "findings"
  • Improved FAQs to better support user needs
  • Improved Cytoscape default view (circular)
  • Improved link-out functionality from gene lists to external resources
  • Reminders for outstanding collaboration requests
  • Tumor vs. normal Quick Start option
  • enhanced functionality of Principal Component Analysis with group-based comparisons
  • Additional functionality of Venn diagrams - can handle comparison of multiple saved lists of genes and microRNAs
  • Chromosome copy number data can be analysed with new tool for visualization and group comparison for Chromosomal Insatabiliity Index at two levels - whole chromosome level and cytoband level.

Version 1.0 – 9.30.2010
  • Quick Start feature to enable faster use of G-DOC’s analytic features
  • Help videos/FAQs to lower the barrier to entry for new users
  • Analysis tools:  Group Comparison, KM Plots, HeatMap Viewer, Classification
  • Integrated genome browser
  • Clinical data search function
  • Group-based collaboration for data/analysis sharing
  • Helpdesk support
  • Cytoscape integration to support Cancer Gene Index data
  • Systems minimum requirements test
  • Integrated compound search by chemical structures or properties
  • Integrated pseudo-3D structural viewer for studying drug-target interactions